What’s wrong with Eastern European developers?

What’s wrong with Eastern European developers?

There is often the question of “what are you willing to sacrifice when hiring developers”?

When outsourcing it comes down to either

having good technical devs with minimum cultural and language barriers, or the same good devs, but with some significant cultural and language barriers.

Devs from Eastern Europe are a good balance of coding skills and minimum cultural and language barriers. We already know about these benefits, but today I’ll speak about the downsides of Eastern European developers.

I'm from Ukraine and currently living in US. I can tell you the problems with Eastern European devs because I am one.

They are:

- Having less proactivity than what you would find in Western Europe and especially with American colleagues. It's not as bad as in some places where every minute detail must be enumerated in the contract, but this issue will occasionally emerge.

- They will have a more straightforward approach to things which can sometimes be perceived as rudeness. Expect less "could you please" or "would you like" and more of imperative style like "I need" or "do this".

What are the solutions to these problems?

- The culture in the Soviet Union didn't incentivize risk-taking which instilled in us a fear of making mistakes. Explicitly communicate to your devs that they should be willing to be proactive in a way that will have an impact on the final product. This will change their work and attitude to be more like what is expected from American devs.

- To be honest, I don't truly know how to fix these issues. Despite trying hard to rid myself of these traits, I’m still a victim of this mentality and don't understand soft attitudes in teams.

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